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3 Advantages Of Taking Evenings & Weekend Classes

Education often appears to be an option only for those with free time and unlimited resources. Here at Citi College of Canadian Careers, we disagree with this perception. Education is not limited to those who can only be flexible to full-time hours. It is for everyone. We have built ourselves around this concept by offering evening and weekend classes that make learning flexible for you.

Many people looking to get back into education have minimal options available to them as their desired courses adhere to a rigid weekday schedule. This prevents them from improving themselves and their employability as full-time education isn’t manageable. A common issue with most educators except ourselves.

With us, you have a wide choice including evening or weekend classes. Now that we have offered you flexibility, we’re also going to offer you 3 advantages to taking evening or weekend classes.

1. Keep Your Day Job

Evening and weekend classes allow you to continue with and maintain your responsibilities in life whilst still attempting to further your life. Whether your responsibilities include a job or a family, our courses allow you the ability to retain your normal life whilst in education.

Young people who obtained a diploma were 12.4% more likely to be employed than those with only a high school education. This benefits you with or without a job as it illustrates the desirability of qualifications to employers. If you already have a job, you will increase your likelihood of promotion, and if you are not employed, you increase your potential of getting a job.

2. Increased Productivity

Evening and weekend classes are not the only flexible element of learning with us. Independent study is your own to organize and plan around your schedule. This planning ahead allows you to fit more into your daily life. Our manageable class load makes class prep more flexible and allows it to slot into your life with ease. In addition, our study tips make things a lot easier for you as you multi-task through your day.

The flexibility at Citi College doesn’t lie only within the course structure but also within the financial aspect of education. There are many scholarships and grants available in addition to the reduced fees that evening and weekend classes offer in comparison to full-time study. This prevents any anxieties about tuition fees that draw focus away from studies and instead makes it easier.

3. Join A Class Of Dedicated Students

As we offer flexible learning opportunities through evening and weekend classes, the students that join us are doing so to progress their careers. They are driven by a goal to attain more in their lives through further education. As a result of this, our students are more dedicated, engaged, and behave more maturely inside and outside of class.

Adding education to a full-time life is a conscious decision that isn’t to be made lightly. This results in adult learners that pose fewer distractions to other students and helps to foster a focused atmosphere that enhances productivity.

Enjoy Flexible Learning Opportunities At Citi College!

Citi College is incredibly happy to offer diplomas with the flexibility to fit every learner including evening, weekend, weekday, and online classes. Our wide variety allows us to support every student that wishes to further themselves and we are proud to help them through this process.

Choosing an education that is right for you can be a tricky process that shouldn’t be rushed so have a look at our tips and feel free to get in touch with an admission counsellor today to learn more about Citi College.


What Skills Should an Office Assistant Have?

What Skills Should an Office Assistant Have?

Office assistant jobs are incredibly in-demand in Toronto and the GTA so, having the skills necessary for this kind of role could help you to stand out from the crowd. At the heart of the business, an office assistant is expected to have a plethora of skills that allow them to be able to support the smooth running of the office.

Office assistants need to have lots of common and easy-to-build skills and knowing what these are skills is important. With an office assistant program, you can find the areas where you may need to improve and what necessary skills you need to develop.

We have summarized a few of the key skills needed by office assistants below.


Communication is an essential skill for any office assistant, and by communication, we mean both verbal and written skills.

Good verbal communication skills allow for easy collaboration and will help you to effectively communicate with co-workers, management, and clients. You will be expected to take phone calls, speak with clients, and note down messages – all of which will benefit from good verbal communication.

Written communication, like verbal communication, can support the way you interact with clients. From drafting emails to mail correspondence, to taking detailed notes in meetings, your written communication skills need to be at a good level for a role as an office assistant.

You may be able to develop both written and verbal communication skills in an office assistant program.


An office assistant is likely to be expected to complete more than one task at once and so organization is key. You will likely be in charge of schedules and be expected to organize billing, filing, and data. Having good organizational skills will benefit you when it comes to these kinds of tasks, and it benefits the company!

Time Management

Time management goes hand-in-hand with good organization. Having to complete lots of tasks each day, all with competing deadlines requires you to be able to manage your time effectively. It would benefit you if you were able to plan out your days ahead of time to effectively execute all of your duties in a timely manner.

An office assistant course (GTA-based) can help you to build this kind of skill if you’re worried you may lack organizational abilities.

Technology Skills

Technology can be of great use to an office assistant and knowing how to use different computer software and programs will help you to stand out from the crowd.

An office assistant will be expected to be able to use lots of different programs, usually relating to spreadsheets and databases, and while the software can vary between companies, good proficiency on a PC is a must for all office assistants.

You can even use technology to help yourself through organizational and time management platforms that help you stay focused. This kind of proficiency can be achieved on a variety of office assistant program options.


An office assistant is likely to have to solve problems daily. This could include sorting out travel or accommodation for management, scheduling meetings, or just responding to issues within the office to support the smooth running of the business. Being able to think on your feet and solve issues quickly will really benefit you in this role.

Problem-solving is a skill you can build on an office assistant course (GTA locations available).


Resourcefulness is similar to problem-solving and requires you to be able to be flexible with your time and your work. An office assistant’s job can vary day-to-day, and you may find that you have to step into different kinds of roles some days. You need to be resourceful enough to take on these new roles easily.

Resourcefulness will also come in handy when it comes to multi-tasking, helping to support flexible working and a constantly changing set of duties.

The kinds of tasks you will generally be asked to do will be detailed for you on any office assistant course (GTA or other locations) that you take too.

Attention to Detail

In your role as an office assistant, you will need to ensure you’re focused on details. Whether it’s writing meeting minutes or entering important data into spreadsheets, managers will want an assistant they can rely on to be accurate and precise.

Office Assistant Programs in Toronto and Mississauga

Office assistants need a varied skillset to be able to keep up with their changing day-to-day duties. These skills are easily buildable and can be improved through an office assistant program. If you feel you already have some of these skills and would like to further develop them, Citi College offers an office assistant course (GTA-based) that you can enroll in. Our admissions counselors will work through your eligibility for the course and help you to kickstart your career as an office assistant.


What Is An Accounting & Payroll Administration Program?

What Is An Accounting & Payroll Administration Program?

Choosing the right course for you can be a difficult thing. It often feels overwhelming and confusing because there are so many different options. It’s difficult to determine which course will be right for you and your skills, therefore oftentimes you need to research and learn more about them.

An Accounting & Payroll Administration program is perfect for people who love to work with numbers and have a keen and analytical mind. During this program, you could learn about accounts, financial statements, and journal entries that would make you valuable to any business.

You will leave this diploma with countless skills and a greater understanding of accounting & payroll due to the incredible range of modules. The career opportunities in this industry are rife and worth waiting for.

Career Opportunities

An accounting & payroll specialist is an important role in any business. In the workplace, they are often responsible for the financial aspects of the company. This can include organizing the accounts, reading statements, coordinating staff payroll, and more. It is a multifaceted role with a lot of responsibility as you progress up the ladder.

Accounting offers many opportunities for promotions and to continue to achieve highly in your field. Whether you undertake a role in business or finance, accounting & payroll specialists will remain in demand despite general unemployment and dipping markets. It is a skill set that is always necessary to any working business.

Potential career opportunities after graduation include:

  • Payroll Administrator
  • Payroll Compliance Officer
  • Payroll Clerk
  • Benefits Clerk
  • Accounting Assistant
  • Accounts Clerk
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Bookkeeper

To discuss your career, get in touch with the career service for any extra support.

As well as these career options, this diploma offers you the ability to undertake the Canadian Payroll Association’s certifications to progress yourself and your career even further. With Citi College, the opportunities for your progression are endless.

How Long Does The Program Take?

At Citi College, the Accounting & Payroll Administration diploma takes 36 weeks on average with our flexible learning program. This course allows you to manage your studies and responsibilities simultaneously. We recognize that everyone will have different levels of knowledge and our course is catered to bringing everyone up to the same level.

The course modules available cover areas of accounting and payroll that will provide you with a well-rounded knowledge of these specialisms. Ranging from Sage 50 and 300 to payroll fundamentals, our diploma offers a wide variety of modules.

As well, you’ll receive training with specialist software that will leave you with employable skills in any industry. The software training includes Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, and Windows Operating System.

With these modules, you will learn a series of soft and hard skills that will enhance your knowledge and employability.

Accounting & Payroll Administration Program in Toronto & Mississauga

Citi College is thrilled to offer this wide-ranging Accounting & Payroll Administration program to all students. Available at both our Toronto and Mississauga campuses, our diploma is perfect to take your career to the next level. With our flexible start dates and course structure, it couldn’t be easier to start your education with us now.

At Citi College, your learning experience will be truly enriched by our industry-experienced instructors and in-depth courses. To hear more about our Accounting & Payroll Administration program, get in touch with us now.


Why Does Having Industry Experienced Teachers Matter?

Academic study is supposed to prepare students for life at the workplace in their chosen career fields. Yet, the classroom experience is often so markedly different from the work world as to render much of that classroom time relatively ineffectual. To ensure that students are getting the real-world preparation they need to thrive in their field, some institutions of higher learning like Citi College are taking care to hire instructors who have demonstrable industry experience. When students take courses led by industry-experienced teachers, they gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Learn about the advantages that teachers with real-world experience bring to the classroom.

Improved Curriculum Design

When designing a course curriculum, instructors have a broad range of material to draw from, but not all of it is as pertinent to the field as some. Instructors who have substantial industry experience are able to distill broad subject matter down to the most pertinent information that students need upon entering the workforce. Students can rely on industry-experienced professors and other academics to draw important lessons from their time in the field. Between their textbook studies and their instructor’s relevant work experience, students can expect a more well-rounded educational experience.

Understanding of Industry Trends

Instructors who have worked (or continue to work) in the field often have a terrific command of industry trends, because they’ve experienced them. For instance, a psychology professor who also has a practice in addition to his/her teaching position must keep up with important trends in order to maintain their successful practice. They can then share these trends, many of which will have staying power, with students who would, otherwise, be unlikely to encounter the latest information from a textbook.

The truth is, all industries are subject to change. New workplace trends drive the various work sectors forward. A professor without this type of experience could very likely be passing on outdated information to students. In fact, this is frequently the case when it comes to fast-changing subject matter such as the use of technology in different industry sectors.

Command of Industry Job Skills

When studying with instructors who have industry-specific experience, students can expect to hone job skills that are most crucial to the positions they want to obtain upon completing their coursework. When thinking about the real value of college education, it’s relevant job skills that first come to mind. Students are making a tremendous financial investment in their education and training; that training simply must provide a good return on that investment.

Having the right job skills for one’s chosen field is proof of sound training and education. That’s something that industry-experienced teachers can bring to their classroom–the knowledge of the most important skills that students need in order to thrive in their field. Certainly, diplomas matter; employers expect job applicants to have the proper credentials for given positions, but those diplomas are nothing more than pieces of paper when they don’t come with the requisite skills that employers truly need their employees to possess.

Knowledge of Pitfalls and Challenges

Life in the workplace isn’t always rosy. The truth is, all sorts of things go wrong for entire industries, companies, departments, and individuals. Of course, part of succeeding in the workplace is avoiding any pitfalls that you can and developing a sound process for dealing with workplace challenges when you’re faced with them.

Industry-experienced instructors have witnessed and, frequently, experienced a multitude of real-world workplace challenges. It’s not a theory they pass onto their students; it’s their authentic experience of the industry that students will soon be entering. For instance, it’s typical for business students to study topics related to marketing, budgeting and accounting, organization, and business law, but one of the leading reasons why employees wind up leaving a company is because of its culture.

Experienced instructors can discuss important topics like the business culture that will play a daily role in an employee’s life. What are some of the challenges and pitfalls of working with different types of personalities and different management styles?

In short, it’s immensely helpful for students to understand what they may be walking into–and what constitutes a healthy business climate versus one that is dysfunctional.


A professor who has industry experience generally maintains their connections within the field. Likewise, upon entering the workplace, recent graduates will be tasked to develop their own professional network with contacts in the industry. Instructors can share contact information with students who demonstrate talent and enthusiasm for particular career roles.

At Citi College, for example, many instructors help coordinate job pipelines for their industry, connecting talented students with employers who are searching for candidates with the ideal job skills.

How Can a Citi College Degree Benefit Students?

Citi College prioritizes hiring instructors who have relevant industry experience. In fact, our industry-experienced teachers have helped us develop our reputation for soundly preparing our students for the real work world. Employers throughout the Toronto region are familiar with Citi College’s reputation in this regard. They know that our students are ready to enter their chosen field with the skills they need to succeed and be effective members of a company’s workforce.

Citi College offers programs that feature teachers with robust industry experience. Students can benefit from all the advantages that industry-experienced instructors bring to their classrooms. The job market is competitive, but Citi College students have an edge because our instructors meticulously prepare them with the skills that employers are actually in need of and actively searching for. If you’re eager to invest in education and training that offers a great return, find out more about Citi College’s degrees and coursework. We look forward to helping you prepare for a rewarding career in your chosen field.


7 Benefits of Choosing A Ontario Career College

Ontario Career College Benefits

Private colleges offer many benefits that public colleges might not. As a student at Citi College, you will be eligible for benefits that will enhance your education and your life for years to come. When choosing a private career college, consider some of the benefits that Citi College can offer.

1. Ready to Step Into the Best Career for You

Diploma programs earned through Citi College will prepare you for life outside of college. Many of our graduates find that the educations they got while attending Citi College have been much more than they expected. You will learn from some of the best instructors in their fields and have access to many industry experts as you navigate your years at Citi College.

2. Hands-On Training

Many of the courses at Citi College offer hands-on training as part of their extensive curriculum. Reading about a career and listening to lectures are helpful and the best way for some students to learn. Hands-on training can offer other students a way to live the career they are hoping to have one day. Some of the programs that offer hands-on training are in healthcare, IT, and engineering.

3. Smaller Class Sizes

Citi College offers smaller class sizes to allow students more time for one-on-one with instructors. Smaller class size has proven to be a motivator in terms of student interaction and ability to focus. Getting to know each other better in smaller classrooms helps many students learn by helping each other.

4. Sense of Community

Going away to college is a major step in the lives of many of our students. The smaller campuses and classrooms allow students to feel more comfortable as they move into the real world. A sense of community offers security not available at larger colleges.

5. Career Services

Workshops in areas such as resume writing, interviewing skills, and networking are only some of the career services available when you choose Citi College. Career services and counselling are important avenues when choosing the right career path once you leave college.

6. More Affordable Than Many Other Colleges

Tuition at Citi College as a private career college is more affordable than at many colleges. We offer various types of financial aid and scholarships for Canadian and international students.

7. Flexibility

Classes at Citi College are available in ways to serve our students in the most convenient way. We have two campuses, and most classes are available online to fit with your busy life and other obligations. Many programs also offer evening and weekend classes.

Contact us today at Citi College for any questions about how a private career college can benefit you when making a career choice. We want to help you choose a career that will fit with the lifestyle you want to live.


The Importance of Career Services in College

The Importance of Career Services in College

Career Services Available to Citi Students

Citi College can help prepare you for the real world by offering college career services to all of our students. Transitioning to life outside of college can be scary, even as a college graduate. Find out how Citi College can help you in the transition with various types of career counselling and college career services.

Benefits of Career Counseling

Career counselling is available to our students to help them make the best choices with the education they receive from Citi College.
Some of the college career services we offer include:

  • Ongoing job postings to help with employment before and after graduation
  • Assistance in resume writing
  • Help to improve interview skills
  • Lessons on writing a cover letter
  • Tips on how to network

Career Choices With Hands-On Training

Part of career counselling is matching students with careers that can utilize their skills and passions. Citi College offers many areas of education that can put you right into the field in which you want to make your career and make sure it is really for you before you commit.
Some of our top programs that offer hands-on training include:


Healthcare is an area that will always need compassionate individuals. Choosing a healthcare focus at Citi College can put you on a career path as a community service worker that covers many areas of patient care. Your training will include courses in sociology and psychology, drug dependence, crisis intervention, and mental health as it relates to addiction. An internship and externship are part of your hands-on training.

If you want to be involved in healthcare but not directly with patients, you might find that a career as a medical office assistant is the right career choice for you. Regardless of your focus, at Citi College, you will be eligible to receive career services to help find a fulfilling job in the healthcare field.


If a career in business is your dream, Citi College offers many programs that could be the right fit for you. We offer programs in Accounting & Payroll Administration, Business Management, Computerized Office Application, and more. Classes are offered online for the comfort, safety, and convenience of our students.

Information Technology

Information technology is the wave of the future, and Citi College offers a variety of technology-related, hands-on programs for interested students. Our information technology program offers diploma courses in Network Engineering, Inter-Network Specialist, and Enterprise Desktop Specialist. Diplomas in E-Business Development Engineering and Enterprise Engineering are also part of our Information Technology curriculum for like-minded students. Our career services can help you to decide if a career in IT is for you.

Citi College is here for you at any point during your years with us and even after as a college graduate. Talk to our career counsellors about how we can help to guide you in your career choices.


5 Rewarding Information Technology (IT) Programs in 2022

5 Rewarding Information Technology (IT) Programs in 2022

Looking to enhance your career through information technology (IT) programs?

The average salary for an IT professional in the Toronto and Mississauga areas is CA$77K per year. That figure increases to $122k for those candidates with the best qualifications and experience.

A career in Information Technology (IT) requires ongoing education.

Choosing a school to complete an IT (Information Technology) Program can be difficult, in this article we will highlight 5 of the most rewarding courses and degrees in IT that can be obtained through Citi College.

Read on to see how an e-business development engineering diploma can boost your skill set, and learn how to network at an enterprise level, and discover popular jobs associated with your new qualification

Enhance Your Education With Information Technology (IT) Programs

Citi College has served the Ontario region since 1991 by providing a range of qualified programs to our students.

Courses include healthcare, business, engineering and information technology, where graduates can enjoy a hands-on experience. Our instructors encourage learning in an inclusive environment that leads to job-ready candidates.

The information technology industry is thriving in Canada with an 87.7% profitability rate in most sectors.

Citi College recognizes the need to equip students with the skills required to gain IT employment.

Read on to learn of 5 qualifications that can help you succeed in today’s workforce.

1. E-Business Development Engineering

This 53-week diploma IT program provides a foundation for developing e-business platforms.

The main modules include:

  • Introduction to web design and e-commerce
  • Server-side programming using Node.js
  • Database and API design
  • Angular front-end coding

The course also includes visual effect development using Adobe Photoshop and statistical analytics. It’s perfect for candidates who want a career in web design, web development and digital marketing.

2. Enterprise Network Engineering

This 52-week Diploma from Citi College of Canadian Careers results in 9 qualifications. It covers the major vendors including Cisco, Microsoft, and Linux.

If you’re looking for a career in supporting networks, desktop computers, or cloud servers, then this course is ideal.

3. Network Engineering

In only 30-weeks, this Diploma in Network Engineering will show you how to install, configure, and operate a medium-sized network.

It covers:

  • Network security and desktop support
  • Wireless networking and IP connectivity
  • Azure identities and governance

This course will enhance your networking skills yet is perfect for those with limited knowledge of the subject.

4. Enterprise Desktop Specialist

Ever wanted to manage a Windows 10 environment? Or install Apple OS X, Android, and Linux on the same network?

This 29-week diploma demonstrates how to configure and run a network aimed at the enterprise market. It also includes advanced skills in MS Office and Linux architecture.

5. Inter-Network Specialist

This condensed 27-week course is ideal to learn the fundamentals of computer networking.

The CCNA Enterprise exam covers configuration and network deployment. The Azure Administration module examines cloud server management. And Configuring Windows 10 shows you how to run a Windows networking environment.

This is an excellent course for those wishing for a broader base in IT communications.

Information Technology Courses in Mississauga and Toronto

Information technology (IT) programs act as the gateway to a successful career. The first step is choosing the right information technology courses.

Citi College currently offers five top-tier IT programs in a classroom environment.

Whether it’s network engineering or software development, we can help you to achieve your diploma in IT. We also offer distance learning through remote and virtual classes.

Contact us today to see how Citi College can further your education with an information technology program.


What Is Computerized Accounting and Should I Take a Course?

What Is Computerized Accounting and Should I Take a Course?

Are you a student or a recent high school graduate trying to decide on a career path? Have you switched majors more than once?
It’s not always easy choosing a profession to pursue.

Maybe you’re receiving a lot of pressure from your parents or perhaps your strengths don’t match up to your passion. Whatever the case may be, you shouldn’t let computerized accounting go beneath your radar.

If you have a strong interest in money, data analysis, and calculations, then keep reading below about computerized accounting (and why you should take the course).

What Is Computerized Accounting?

If you’re not familiar with accounting, it’s the process of maintaining financial records for a business. It involves sorting and collecting data as well as analyzing financial statements for companies.

If you’re a successful accountant, you’re able to help a business understand their transactions better and guide them on decisions that can lead to more profits.

Accounting used to be done manually with pen and paper, but now with the help of technology, accounting is all performed through computerized software. With this industry becoming digitalized, it is much easier for professionals to get their job done faster and more efficiently.

Benefits of Computerized Accounting

As mentioned above, accountant professionals no longer have to worry about the tedious tasks related to traditional accounting. Computers have brought companies up to speed (literally) with their automation, security, and accuracy. It’s also much easier to share financial statements with your peers.

If you were to choose a career in computerized accounting, you would be entering a lucrative field. It’s not only a profession made easier by computer systems, but it’s a role that businesses are always looking for. Accounting has become a popular career option and it’s a profession you should consider studying.

Computerized Accounting Classes

What’s not to love about computerized accounting?

It’s a rewarding profession, pays a solid salary, and teaches you valuable business concepts, and it’s a dream career for those who love formulas and have an analytical brain.

If you would like to learn more about the accounting field and thinking about taking a class, then try enrolling in a computerized accounting program today at Citi College!

These courses will allow you to have hands-on experience to see if this career is a good fit for you.

At Citi College, you can expect to learn the following:

  • Fundamentals of accounting
  • QuickBooks
  • Fundamental of payroll
  • Window operating system
  • And a whole lot more!

Contact Citi College Today

Citi College has been serving the Mississauga and Toronto area since 1991, providing Healthcare, Business, and Technology programs so students can get hands-on experience in a classroom environment.

At Citi College, the courses for computerized accounting will provide the training you need to build essential office skills for your career ahead. Contact Citi College today to get started on your computerized accounting degree and to learn about our program start dates!


5 Courses That Can Jumpstart a Good Career in Under 12 Months

5 Courses That Can Jumpstart a Good Career in Under 12 Months

You Can Receive a Diploma for a Career in a Business You Love

You don’t need to spend years in university preparing for a career you might not be interested in when you’re finished. If a business diploma is your goal, Citi College offers five diplomas that you can complete within one year and start working in a career you love. Citi College offers hands-on and online classes to fit with your busy life.

Computerized Office Application Diploma

Computerized Office Application is a 16-week week course, after which you will have a diploma in hand. This short course is a great choice for anyone who needs to get back in the workforce quickly with enhanced or new skills. Graduates in this field have obtained jobs in areas that include healthcare, human resources, data entry, and banking.

Accounting & Payroll Administration Diploma

Our Accounting & Payroll Administration diploma is one of our most sought-after courses. The program is 36 weeks long and suits the career goals of students who enjoy working with numbers and calculations. It is a particular type of person who thrives on the details that accounting requires. You can look forward to a career in industries that include financial institutions, tax services, healthcare, and investment services.

Office Assistant Diploma

A Diploma in Office Assistant from Citi College is a 23-week course and can take you to almost any type of industry. Every business depends on its office assistants to keep a finger on the pulse of the workings of the office. Travel accommodations, meeting minutes, and correspondence via email and or other forms are often dependent on the office assistant. Students who graduate with a Diploma in Office Assistant have the luxury of being an asset to most any type of business they desire.

Business Management Diploma

If management is your goal, a Diploma in Business Management could be right for you. This 48-week program focuses on analytics, detail-oriented projects, and various management skills. If you consider yourself a leader or would like to become more of one, this Citi College diploma program might be the way to achieve the career you are searching for.

Office Administration & Accounting Specialist Diploma

Obtaining a Diploma in Office Administration & Accounting Specialist from Citi College is another fulfilling way to use your skills in guiding and overseeing others in the workplace. This 34-week program focuses on combined skills of accounting and management practices which are necessary for many mid-level career choices. Some of your options after graduation could include finance companies, accounting firms, and job recruitment centres.

How Citi College Can Be Here for You

Citi College wants you to succeed in any career that calls to you. Our campuses serve Mississauga, Toronto, and surrounding areas. Contact Citi College to learn how we can help you in your goal of receiving a business diploma in under one year.


Are Medical Office Assistants in Demand?

In medical practice, medical office assistants perform day-to-day administrative tasks that support a smooth operation. In addition to working behind the desk, Medical Office Assistants sometimes interact directly with patients in the treatment room.

Administrative assistants in medical settings such as doctors’ offices, hospitals, and clinics perform a variety of secretarial and administrative duties.

In this article, you will learn what those duties usually entail, information on the demand of medical office assistants, and how to obtain a degree through Medical Office Assistant programs.

What Does A Medical Office Assistant Do?

A medical office assistant may find themselves performing many of the following tasks in a medical office or clinic setting:

  • Receiving and communicating messages from staff and patients regarding medical appointments
  • Preparation of spreadsheets, documents, and medical reports based on the use of electronic technology
  • Fill out forms and documents after interviewing patients
  • Complete all forms related to insurance and other claims
  • Create, maintain, and update confidential medical records
  • Creating draft agendas for meetings and preparing, recording, and disseminating minutes
  • Prepare financial statements and invoices
  • Establishing and maintaining various office administrative support procedures, such as tracking and filing documents, and providing monthly updates
  • Supply orders and inventory management
  • Establish and maintain office procedures and routines
  • Supervise and train employees in the use of current software and procedures.

Are Medical Office Assistants In Demand?

Over the past few years, the prospect of finding work in this occupation has been positive. Employment opportunities exceeded available workers. Medical administrative assistants (NOC 1243) will continue to have a fair employment outlook for the Toronto region beyond 2021.

This outlook is influenced by the following factors:

  • As employment declines, some positions will be lost.
  • Retirements will create several vacancies.
  • A limited number of unemployed workers have recent experience in this field.

Population growth, the need for health services, and recent investments in health care facilities in the economic region should create opportunities for this profession.
When considering your future, it’s wise to make the financial investment towards earning a medical assistant degree. In Canada, those with a medical office assistant degree can earn anywhere between $15.00-$32.00/per hour, depending on the region of work as well as experience.

Are You Looking For a Career as a Medical Office Assistant?

Providing Healthcare, Business, and Technology programs to the Mississauga and Toronto area since 1991, Citi College offers students hands-on experience in a classroom environment. A Medical Assistant Diploma program is available from Citi College, which provides practical, hands-on training for a career in the healthcare industry. Click here to find out more about our programs and how to enroll.

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