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Why Does Having Industry Experienced Teachers Matter?

Academic study is supposed to prepare students for life at the workplace in their chosen career fields. Yet, the classroom experience is often so markedly different from the work world as to render much of that classroom time relatively ineffectual. To ensure that students are getting the real-world preparation they need to thrive in their field, some institutions of higher learning like Citi College are taking care to hire instructors who have demonstrable industry experience. When students take courses led by industry-experienced teachers, they gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Learn about the advantages that teachers with real-world experience bring to the classroom.

Improved Curriculum Design

When designing a course curriculum, instructors have a broad range of material to draw from, but not all of it is as pertinent to the field as some. Instructors who have substantial industry experience are able to distill broad subject matter down to the most pertinent information that students need upon entering the workforce. Students can rely on industry-experienced professors and other academics to draw important lessons from their time in the field. Between their textbook studies and their instructor’s relevant work experience, students can expect a more well-rounded educational experience.

Understanding of Industry Trends

Instructors who have worked (or continue to work) in the field often have a terrific command of industry trends, because they’ve experienced them. For instance, a psychology professor who also has a practice in addition to his/her teaching position must keep up with important trends in order to maintain their successful practice. They can then share these trends, many of which will have staying power, with students who would, otherwise, be unlikely to encounter the latest information from a textbook.

The truth is, all industries are subject to change. New workplace trends drive the various work sectors forward. A professor without this type of experience could very likely be passing on outdated information to students. In fact, this is frequently the case when it comes to fast-changing subject matter such as the use of technology in different industry sectors.

Command of Industry Job Skills

When studying with instructors who have industry-specific experience, students can expect to hone job skills that are most crucial to the positions they want to obtain upon completing their coursework. When thinking about the real value of college education, it’s relevant job skills that first come to mind. Students are making a tremendous financial investment in their education and training; that training simply must provide a good return on that investment.

Having the right job skills for one’s chosen field is proof of sound training and education. That’s something that industry-experienced teachers can bring to their classroom–the knowledge of the most important skills that students need in order to thrive in their field. Certainly, diplomas matter; employers expect job applicants to have the proper credentials for given positions, but those diplomas are nothing more than pieces of paper when they don’t come with the requisite skills that employers truly need their employees to possess.

Knowledge of Pitfalls and Challenges

Life in the workplace isn’t always rosy. The truth is, all sorts of things go wrong for entire industries, companies, departments, and individuals. Of course, part of succeeding in the workplace is avoiding any pitfalls that you can and developing a sound process for dealing with workplace challenges when you’re faced with them.

Industry-experienced instructors have witnessed and, frequently, experienced a multitude of real-world workplace challenges. It’s not a theory they pass onto their students; it’s their authentic experience of the industry that students will soon be entering. For instance, it’s typical for business students to study topics related to marketing, budgeting and accounting, organization, and business law, but one of the leading reasons why employees wind up leaving a company is because of its culture.

Experienced instructors can discuss important topics like the business culture that will play a daily role in an employee’s life. What are some of the challenges and pitfalls of working with different types of personalities and different management styles?

In short, it’s immensely helpful for students to understand what they may be walking into–and what constitutes a healthy business climate versus one that is dysfunctional.


A professor who has industry experience generally maintains their connections within the field. Likewise, upon entering the workplace, recent graduates will be tasked to develop their own professional network with contacts in the industry. Instructors can share contact information with students who demonstrate talent and enthusiasm for particular career roles.

At Citi College, for example, many instructors help coordinate job pipelines for their industry, connecting talented students with employers who are searching for candidates with the ideal job skills.

How Can a Citi College Degree Benefit Students?

Citi College prioritizes hiring instructors who have relevant industry experience. In fact, our industry-experienced teachers have helped us develop our reputation for soundly preparing our students for the real work world. Employers throughout the Toronto region are familiar with Citi College’s reputation in this regard. They know that our students are ready to enter their chosen field with the skills they need to succeed and be effective members of a company’s workforce.

Citi College offers programs that feature teachers with robust industry experience. Students can benefit from all the advantages that industry-experienced instructors bring to their classrooms. The job market is competitive, but Citi College students have an edge because our instructors meticulously prepare them with the skills that employers are actually in need of and actively searching for. If you’re eager to invest in education and training that offers a great return, find out more about Citi College’s degrees and coursework. We look forward to helping you prepare for a rewarding career in your chosen field.

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