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Citi College offers a 36-week diploma program as a Medical Office Assistant. This program will focus on providing students with a strong focus towards office support and zones in on the development of interpersonal, communication and organization skills that are required. Graduates of this program will be prepared for standard business procedures and the ability to ensure a businesses day to day operations are run efficiently. Careers as a Medical Office Assistant are in high demand and graduates will have a great opportunity to land a job after completion of this diploma program. The Medical Office Assistant diploma program will help prepare students for new career opportunities.

What you get:

Diploma from Citi College of Canadian Careers. The Medical Office Assistant Diploma program provides students with in-depth training in medical office procedures, including medical terminology, medical transcription, records management, scheduling and confirming medical appointments, Billing, patient care, anatomy, pharmacology, and Canadian standards. The 4 weeks of practical placement combined with 8 months of in-class training ensures our students graduate with confidence. Medical Office Assistants also perform a variety of administrative duties. The student will learn OHIP software commonly used in Medical offices.

Medical System

Medical Computer

Anatomy and Terminology

Office Applications

For Whom:

If you are an organized individual with excellent customer skills and you love working in a fast-paced environment, then this program is for you. Citi College welcomes new immigrants, Laid-off employees, fresh graduates, and high school graduates, and so on.

*Diploma in Medical Office Assistant without Practicum – 35 Weeks

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Approved as a
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under the Private
Career Colleges
Act, 2005.

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CPA Certified
Instructors with vast
years of experience.

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Microsoft Office Certifications available from the vendor. Exam vouchers may be purchased at an additional cost.

Success Stories

Farhana Bilal
Farhana Bilal
Hey everyone! I just had to share my incredible experience with my teacher, Ms.Ketna Idicula, for the Accounting and Payroll Administration program at Citi College! 🎉 Ketna is seriously amazing! Her teaching style is so detailed and enthusiastic, making every class engaging and enjoyable. She goes above and beyond to assist her students, no matter how many times you ask a question. Her level of patience is truly outstanding! I was initially skeptical about joining the college, but after reading her reviews, I decided to give it a shot. And let me tell you, it was the best decision ever! Whether you're new to Accounting or not, Ketna will make sure you understand everything clearly. I highly recommend her for this course at Citi College. Trust me, you won't be disappointed! Thank you Ms.Ketna
Abdul Rafe Hasamuddin
Abdul Rafe Hasamuddin
It is a pleasure to say that studying at Citi College is an amazing opportunity to every one , we have amazing teachers with incredible learning environment especially at this term I am taking business communication course at Ms Ketna Idicula class , it was amazing and unforgettable because she is an amazing teacher with lots of patience and abilities: for example if you have question she answers it and makes it very clear and or if you have difficulties she always tries to help with best solutions. over all I am glad to have her as my BC teacher
Mohamed Fadul
Mohamed Fadul
I would like to express my gratitude towards my teacher, Ketna Idicula. She is truly the best teacher, always helpful and caring towards her students. Whenever we have any questions, she answers them directly and is available at all times. Her way of teaching is excellent, and she manages to keep all the students attentive politely and respectfully. I am confident that more students will take advantage of the opportunity to study under her guidance."
Asila Hekmati
Asila Hekmati
It was a great experience in Citi College. I had the privilege of learning from a truly kind instructor Miss Ketna, she was nice, kind, patient and always approachable. I am grateful for her guidance and support❤️
Eloisa Tolosa
Eloisa Tolosa
I would like to thank our Accounting and Payroll teacher Ms Ketna Idicula. We learned a lot from her. She is a hard working, kind and very understanding teacher. She considers her students as friends, siblings and children. Apart from the fact that she works very hard to teach us, her angelic voice gives us motivation and encouragement to study her lesson. Thank you very much Mam ketna for the learning. You are the best teacher. God bless you.
Nelly Villarba
Nelly Villarba
I'm so grateful to have Ketna as my teacher in 3 courses, accounting, sage 50 and quickbooks. She's very nice and she explained everything the course and i learnt a lot from her. I appreciate in everything she did. Thank you very much Ketna!
Idris Omer
Idris Omer
If you are looking for a career college just blindfoldly select CITI College. I would recommend this because the staff are phenomenal and understanding to individual needs. The way they communicate with the students is super cool. You are lucky if you are scheduled to take any accounting related course with Ketna.
Akmal Nawaz
Akmal Nawaz
Citi college is giving best opportunity for working people as having online classes👍 I m student of business management .. I am enjoying studying with my work, All teachers are very helpful and qualified,My previous teacher ketna idicula is one of the best teacher her way of teaching is awesome 👏 she is very polite, and her way of conveying lectures is best❤️❤️keep it up your way as you are.

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