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Citi College offers a range of business and management diploma programs that will have you ready for the workforce.

Our business programs will prepare you with the practical skills and knowledge that will help you get hired as employers seek individuals that are equipped with up-to-date training that can be applied to the role.

You will enter a field where you will be highly sought after as there is high demand but also a field with a higher earning potential. In addition, Citi College’s business and management diploma programs can be completed in a faster time frame, so that you can enter the workforce much more quickly.

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Virtual & Remote Learning Classes

Learn at your convenience with online classes. We promote virtual learning so that our students can study in the comfort of their homes. Our instructors are available online to clear your doubts and queries

Business Administration

Thinking about a career in Business Administration?

Citi College offers a program that is blended with both in-class lectures and lab exercises, so that you get both theory and practice. This 33-week diploma program will get you familiar with Microsoft Office, Sage 50, QuickBooks and more.

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Accounting & Payroll Administration

Do you enjoy working with calculations and formulas?

If so, then the Accounting & Payroll Administration diploma program may be the right fit for you.  In just 36 weeks you can earn your diploma and be ready to enter the job market. 

The Accounting & Payroll Administration program will prepare you for computerized accounting and payroll jobs. You will learn to use accounting software like Sage 50, QuickBooks, Microsoft office and Windows Operating Systems.

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Business Management

Looking to get a diploma in Business Management?

Citi College offers a 48-week Business Management diploma program for those who are looking to stand out in a competitive job market. Business Management will give you the necessary problem-solving skills, so that you are aware beforehand of potential problems a business may have and how you can solve them.

In addition, you learn the complexities of accounting and finance, that are essential insights necessary in running a successful company.

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Computerized Accounting

Are you looking to advance your career in Computerized Accounting?

Citi College offers a 27-week diploma program for students that are looking to stand out in a competitive field. Employers seek individuals with computerized accounting skills over traditional accounting, as they feel it can be more accurate. Here are 5 key benefits of enrolling in computerized accounting

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Office Administration & Accounting Specialist

Are you looking to expand your knowledge and learn some practical skills that will help you in furthering your career?

Citi College offers a 34-week diploma program in office Administration & Accounting Specialist. In this program, you will develop skills in accounting and office administration beyond introductory principles and will equip you with the tools required to meet the demands of the current employment market. Our curriculum is blended with both classroom lectures and lab exercises, this program is perfect for those students who pay attention to detail, but also enjoy working with calculations and formulas.

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Office Assistant

Looking for a career as an Office Assistant?

Citi College offers a 23-week diploma program in becoming an Office Assistant. Professionals in healthcare services enjoy their careers for a number of reasons. Office assistants will find their careers to be quite rewarding both financially but also with the flexibility in scheduling and also job security, to name a few.

The Office Assistant diploma program will provide students with skills to use Microsoft Office that will help them to cope with modern office procedures.

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Computerized Office Application

Are you looking to upgrade your Microsoft Office skills?

Citi College offers a quick 16-week program dedicated to providing students with first hand experience in Microsoft Word, Processing, Excel and PowerPoint. Microsoft is a certification recognized around the world, therefore having this diploma program on your resume will really help you stand out and get hired by your dream company.

Our Computerized Office Application program is a blend of both in class lectures and lab exercises.

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