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The Importance of Career Services in College

The Importance of Career Services in College

Career Services Available to Citi Students

Citi College can help prepare you for the real world by offering college career services to all of our students. Transitioning to life outside of college can be scary, even as a college graduate. Find out how Citi College can help you in the transition with various types of career counselling and college career services.

Benefits of Career Counseling

Career counselling is available to our students to help them make the best choices with the education they receive from Citi College.
Some of the college career services we offer include:

  • Ongoing job postings to help with employment before and after graduation
  • Assistance in resume writing
  • Help to improve interview skills
  • Lessons on writing a cover letter
  • Tips on how to network

Career Choices With Hands-On Training

Part of career counselling is matching students with careers that can utilize their skills and passions. Citi College offers many areas of education that can put you right into the field in which you want to make your career and make sure it is really for you before you commit.
Some of our top programs that offer hands-on training include:


Healthcare is an area that will always need compassionate individuals. Choosing a healthcare focus at Citi College can put you on a career path as a community service worker that covers many areas of patient care. Your training will include courses in sociology and psychology, drug dependence, crisis intervention, and mental health as it relates to addiction. An internship and externship are part of your hands-on training.

If you want to be involved in healthcare but not directly with patients, you might find that a career as a medical office assistant is the right career choice for you. Regardless of your focus, at Citi College, you will be eligible to receive career services to help find a fulfilling job in the healthcare field.


If a career in business is your dream, Citi College offers many programs that could be the right fit for you. We offer programs in Accounting & Payroll Administration, Business Management, Computerized Office Application, and more. Classes are offered online for the comfort, safety, and convenience of our students.

Information Technology

Information technology is the wave of the future, and Citi College offers a variety of technology-related, hands-on programs for interested students. Our information technology program offers diploma courses in Network Engineering, Inter-Network Specialist, and Enterprise Desktop Specialist. Diplomas in E-Business Development Engineering and Enterprise Engineering are also part of our Information Technology curriculum for like-minded students. Our career services can help you to decide if a career in IT is for you.

Citi College is here for you at any point during your years with us and even after as a college graduate. Talk to our career counsellors about how we can help to guide you in your career choices.


Role of Counselor In Students Life

Students in college life need guidance and counselors to deal with their emotions and personal problems. Student counselor have a significant role in helping them incorporate valuable lessons into their daily life. Counseling sessions are organized accordingly, focusing on the selection of the courses and for the choice of career paths.

Counselor have to be fully accountable on their part. They are responsible for analyzing the data they receive from the students and then effectively utilizing it according to their techniques to maximize their significance among the students. The role of a student is ever-changing and depends upon various factors in the college. Therefore, a counselor’s needed to be prepared to deal with any situation a student is facing in the college.

Significance of Counseling

  • The most cases the student’s counselors deal with is the bullying that students face in the college when bullied by their seniors.
  • It is a very critical situation for a counselor to deal with both for students and as a counselor. They need to consistently keep themselves updated with the social issues that arise among the students.
  • They have to be always there to offer their piece of valuable advice to students at their lives crucial stages.
  • A valuable suggestion can create a massive impact on their life and change their perspective towards their own family, school, and towards their future.

Advantages of students counseling

  • Students are g given guidance on how they can deal with their psychological problems. These sessions help the students in boosting their morale so they can solve the issue happing around them.
  • The counselor advises them how they should be polite with their senior in college in a particular scenario in awkward situations.
  • It assists the student in shaping their behavior and also develops discipline in them. They can accomplish their goals and do all the things in the best way.
  • They learn to live and study in peace and harmony with their colleagues in their class and develop a feeling of mutual respect for them.
  • They get appropriate advice from the counselor about the career options and job prospects after graduating from college.
  • These sessions encourage the students to openly discuss topics like alcohol, drugs or any abuse that’s taking place on the campus.

Citi College has a team of expert counselors who have been helping students over the years in deciding the career that is ideally fit for them. We have a dedicated team with years of experience in this industry.