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The Most Popular Accounting Courses in Toronto

With lots of demand and good job prospects for accountants across Canada, you may be looking into a career in accounting. Accounting is a popular diploma across Toronto and the GTA, with various courses available in the area.

At Citi College, we offer three accounting courses, including Accounting and Payroll Administration, Computerized Accounting, and Office Administration and Accounting. Our courses are designed to help you gain the technical skills for a career in accounting.

Each of our courses features unique elements suited to a range of job opportunities. To help you decide which is the right one for you, we’ve gathered information about each course for you to take a look at.

Accounting & Payroll Administration

Our Accounting and Payroll Administration diploma prepares students for jobs within these two areas. It teaches multiple software systems for computerized accounting and helps you learn the technical skills required for a career in this sector.

Our course will allow you to qualify for the Payroll Compliance Practitioner Certification offered by the Canadian Payroll Association and is a good choice for anyone who is good with calculations and formulas, is detailed-oriented, and has good analytical skills.

Computerized Accounting

The Computerized Accounting diploma we offer at Citi College runs for 24 weeks and is a good choice if you’re analytical and have good attention to detail.

The course takes a hands-on approach to learning the concepts of computerized accounting and teaches you valuable skills for business. It covers the most up-to-date software for computerized accounting, ensuring that you enter the workforce as prepared as possible.

The technical skills you learn in our course will help you stand out to employers and get the most coveted roles in the accounting industry in Toronto.

Office Administration & Accounting Specialist

The Office Administration and Accounting diploma here at Citi College runs for 24 weeks and teaches accounting principles and software applications. It combines the foundations of office administration with computerized accounting to ensure you have the most up-to-date knowledge of industry practices.

You’ll learn everything from accounting and budgeting to planning and cash flow, helping you become an asset in any role you take after course completion. Teaching in this course blends classroom-based learning with lab exercises to help get a feel for the reality of your industry.

If you’re good with numbers and enjoy being analytical, this is an excellent course for you to choose!

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Citi College is proud to offer three diverse options when it comes to accounting courses. If you’re looking for a course run by industry leaders with a hands-on learning approach, you’ve come to the right place!

If you’re struggling to decide which course is right for you, our admissions team is always available for a chat to help you decide which course is best for you and your career. Contact Citi College today to learn more about our accounting courses!


What Is Computerized Accounting and Should I Take a Course?

What Is Computerized Accounting and Should I Take a Course?

Are you a student or a recent high school graduate trying to decide on a career path? Have you switched majors more than once?
It’s not always easy choosing a profession to pursue.

Maybe you’re receiving a lot of pressure from your parents or perhaps your strengths don’t match up to your passion. Whatever the case may be, you shouldn’t let computerized accounting go beneath your radar.

If you have a strong interest in money, data analysis, and calculations, then keep reading below about computerized accounting (and why you should take the course).

What Is Computerized Accounting?

If you’re not familiar with accounting, it’s the process of maintaining financial records for a business. It involves sorting and collecting data as well as analyzing financial statements for companies.

If you’re a successful accountant, you’re able to help a business understand their transactions better and guide them on decisions that can lead to more profits.

Accounting used to be done manually with pen and paper, but now with the help of technology, accounting is all performed through computerized software. With this industry becoming digitalized, it is much easier for professionals to get their job done faster and more efficiently.

Benefits of Computerized Accounting

As mentioned above, accountant professionals no longer have to worry about the tedious tasks related to traditional accounting. Computers have brought companies up to speed (literally) with their automation, security, and accuracy. It’s also much easier to share financial statements with your peers.

If you were to choose a career in computerized accounting, you would be entering a lucrative field. It’s not only a profession made easier by computer systems, but it’s a role that businesses are always looking for. Accounting has become a popular career option and it’s a profession you should consider studying.

Computerized Accounting Classes

What’s not to love about computerized accounting?

It’s a rewarding profession, pays a solid salary, and teaches you valuable business concepts, and it’s a dream career for those who love formulas and have an analytical brain.

If you would like to learn more about the accounting field and thinking about taking a class, then try enrolling in a computerized accounting program today at Citi College!

These courses will allow you to have hands-on experience to see if this career is a good fit for you.

At Citi College, you can expect to learn the following:

  • Fundamentals of accounting
  • QuickBooks
  • Fundamental of payroll
  • Window operating system
  • And a whole lot more!

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At Citi College, the courses for computerized accounting will provide the training you need to build essential office skills for your career ahead. Contact Citi College today to get started on your computerized accounting degree and to learn about our program start dates!