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Why Should I Get A Diploma In Office Administration & Accounting?

At Citi College, a private career college based in Toronto and Mississauga, we’re dedicated to producing career-ready students. We offer a range of programs that help you to develop the skills necessary for your chosen career path. From business to healthcare, we’ve got you covered.

The Office Administration and Accounting Specialist Diploma we offer is designed to prepare you for a role in office admin and provide you with the skills you need to help you stand out from the crowd.

Keep reading now to learn more about our Office Administration and Accounting Specialist Diploma.

What Can I Expect From Taking This Course?

The Office Administration and Accounting Specialist Diploma provides students with a comprehensive knowledge of in-demand skills, including financing, accounting, and admin skills. It will provide you with knowledge of office procedures, accounting principles, budgeting, planning, cash flow, analysis, and many more valuable skills for a role in this area.

The course includes payroll fundamentals, business English, and business communications. It is designed for detail-oriented students with an interest in calculations and formulas.

The Reasons You Should Pursue A Office Administration & Accounting Diploma Course

At Citi College, we accept students from all walks of life, including freshly graduated students, new immigrants, and recently laid-off workers. As such, the students pursuing our Office Administration and Accounting Specialist Diploma have many different reasons for being there. While some are looking to develop their skills, others are looking to make a change.

There are many benefits to studying this course at Citi College, including:

  • Our Office Administration and Accounting Diploma is a flexible course. It runs for 34 weeks and offers lessons online too.
  • The course will prepare you for the industry and ensures you have the knowledge and confidence to succeed on your chosen career path.
  • Admin and accounting roles are incredibly in-demand, meaning job roles are relatively easy to find once you graduate.
  • We teach valuable skills that help you stand out from other applicants.
  • You’ll learn many transferable skills which may be helpful as your career path shifts.

What Is The Job Market Like For Office Administration & Accounting?

The Office Administration and Accounting Specialist Diploma prepares you for a role in various industries. Indeed, possible employers include Service Canada, the Ontario Ministry of Health, and regional banks. The average wage is around $25/hour, but it can go up to $30/per hour depending on where you’re working and your role there.

The job market for business admin roles has been relatively constant for the past couple of years. Many of our graduates have had success finding positions that suit them in the area, and job roles are increasing too.

With our diploma, you can work in a range of roles, from office admin to bookkeeping positions.

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At Citi College, we’re dedicated to helping you become industry ready. Our extensive range of courses can train you on the soft skills and the specialist skills employers are looking for in the Toronto and Mississauga area.

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The Most Popular Accounting Courses in Toronto

With lots of demand and good job prospects for accountants across Canada, you may be looking into a career in accounting. Accounting is a popular diploma across Toronto and the GTA, with various courses available in the area.

At Citi College, we offer three accounting courses, including Accounting and Payroll Administration, Computerized Accounting, and Office Administration and Accounting. Our courses are designed to help you gain the technical skills for a career in accounting.

Each of our courses features unique elements suited to a range of job opportunities. To help you decide which is the right one for you, we’ve gathered information about each course for you to take a look at.

Accounting & Payroll Administration

Our Accounting and Payroll Administration diploma prepares students for jobs within these two areas. It teaches multiple software systems for computerized accounting and helps you learn the technical skills required for a career in this sector.

Our course will allow you to qualify for the Payroll Compliance Practitioner Certification offered by the Canadian Payroll Association and is a good choice for anyone who is good with calculations and formulas, is detailed-oriented, and has good analytical skills.

Computerized Accounting

The Computerized Accounting diploma we offer at Citi College runs for 24 weeks and is a good choice if you’re analytical and have good attention to detail.

The course takes a hands-on approach to learning the concepts of computerized accounting and teaches you valuable skills for business. It covers the most up-to-date software for computerized accounting, ensuring that you enter the workforce as prepared as possible.

The technical skills you learn in our course will help you stand out to employers and get the most coveted roles in the accounting industry in Toronto.

Office Administration & Accounting Specialist

The Office Administration and Accounting diploma here at Citi College runs for 24 weeks and teaches accounting principles and software applications. It combines the foundations of office administration with computerized accounting to ensure you have the most up-to-date knowledge of industry practices.

You’ll learn everything from accounting and budgeting to planning and cash flow, helping you become an asset in any role you take after course completion. Teaching in this course blends classroom-based learning with lab exercises to help get a feel for the reality of your industry.

If you’re good with numbers and enjoy being analytical, this is an excellent course for you to choose!

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Citi College is proud to offer three diverse options when it comes to accounting courses. If you’re looking for a course run by industry leaders with a hands-on learning approach, you’ve come to the right place!

If you’re struggling to decide which course is right for you, our admissions team is always available for a chat to help you decide which course is best for you and your career. Contact Citi College today to learn more about our accounting courses!