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Describing a Day in the Life of a Community Service Worker

Community service workers are professionals who work within the community to offer support and guidance to local people. They provide an invaluable service to people who need help, often working with disadvantaged communities. Tasks vary; you might work with individuals, families, or particular groups, such as children, the elderly, or refugees. The end goal is to improve the quality of life for people living in the area, creating a better environment overall.

If you care about others and want to make a difference in the world, a new career in community service could be a great choice. Keep reading to learn more about the role and how to join the workforce.

Why Become a Community Service Worker?

As a community service worker, you have the opportunity to bring positive action to local communities. You become the voice for underprivileged people, serving as the link between them and local and national authorities. It’s an active role that offers a range of opportunities.

Community service workers dedicate their time to helping others. Similarly, to social service support workers, community service workers promote well-being. It is a demanding but highly rewarding career choice where your actions on any single day can influence change.

Aside from job satisfaction and helping people, those who train to work as community service workers can benefit from many job opportunities and career routes. For instance, you might dedicate your time to emergency shelter services, youth services programs, or substance abuse treatment programs.

Daily Duties of Community Service Workers

The nature of the role varies depending on your employment. But wherever you work, you can expect to participate in various tasks. Generally speaking, community service workers will partake in the following duties:

  • Connecting people to local social services and social assistance programs
  • Creating action plans to support clients, from job hunting to helping children succeed at school
  • Assist clients in finding shelter, housing, financial assistance, employment etc.
  • Provide crisis intervention
  • Implement behaviour management programs, treatment programs, and life skills workshops
  • Interview clients to gather background information
  • Meet with clients to discuss progress
  • Provide counselling services, offering advice and guidance
  • Assess communities and raise public awareness about certain issues
  • Prepare case documents and intake reports

Typical Working Conditions

Community service workers usually work within neighbourhoods in rural and inner-city locations. The job generally includes regular working hours but may include evenings and weekends, depending on the organization. Several organizations employ community service workers, including:

  • Charities and non-profit organizations
  • Community centres
  • Shelters
  • Substance abuse centres
  • Government agencies
  • Human service agencies
  • Correctional facilities
  • Group homes

As a community service worker, you can expect to work alongside other professionals, such as social workers, probation officers, authority providers like the police, and other social services.

How to Become a Community Service Worker

Community service work is a professional position that requires certain skills, knowledge, and education level. You must complete a college or university program to find employment in this industry. Most employers look for qualifications in social work or social science. However, you can also become a community service worker by completing a CSW diploma.

The CSW (Community Support Worker) diploma is a fast-track way to begin your career in social services. Diploma programs provide students with the proper training to prepare them for professional careers. Private career colleges, like Citi College, are ideal for developing your skills through hands-on learning. In just 40 weeks, you’ll be ready to work as a community service worker.

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What Is A Community Service Worker?

A community service worker works within the community to offer guidance and access to much-needed community services, supporting vulnerable and isolated people. The role of a community service worker is a fulfilling career path that gives you the opportunity to give back to the community.

Community service workers work across communities and in varying positions, dedicating their time to helping others. If you’re interested in becoming a community service worker and are wondering more about the role, then keep reading to learn more information.

Reasons To Become A Community Service Worker

There are plenty of reasons that so many people choose to become community service workers, including:

  • It is a growing industry in Ontario, meaning that there are plenty of job opportunities
  • It has lots of government funding
  • It is a rewarding career path
  • There are many different options for career paths within the industry, including addiction support, children’s mental health, and working with Indigenous communities
  • You can genuinely make a difference in the lives of others

The Tasks And Duties Of A Community Service Worker

Your role as a community service worker will vary depending on your position and the agency or charity you work for. Below, we’ve listed some of the most common tasks and duties community service workers perform in their day-to-day roles. These include:

  • Helping vulnerable people find shelter
  • Job and vocational counselling
  • Connecting isolated people with the community
  • Working in addiction support
  • Working with youth groups
  • Crisis intervention

What Skills And Qualifications Do I Need In Order To Become A Community Service Worker?

To become a community service worker, you will need to study for a CSW diploma at an accredited institution. Many institutions in Ontario offer this qualification, including Citi College.

As a private career college, we’re dedicated to giving a comprehensive and hands-on learning experience that will prepare you for your career as a community service worker by the end of your time with us. For more information, check out our CSW diploma page.

Where Would You See Community Service Workers Working?

Community service workers work in a variety of positions and industries. You will find them in healthcare positions at mental health centers, addiction services, community health centers, and rehabilitation centers.

You can also find community service workers at correctional facilities, shelters, and schools. The possibilities are truly endless when you choose this career path.

What Is The Job Market For Community Service Workers Like?

The job market for community services workers in Ontario is trending upward. Recent government investment in mental health, youth, and children’s services has helped increase available job positions within the community.

In addition, the Ontario government has made additional funding available for services that help homelessness and the Indigenous communities. The Ontario government is intent on expanding existing programs too.

There are currently around 48,000 people in community service roles in Ontario.

How Much Can Community Service Workers Make?

Your salary as a community service worker will vary depending on your role, the agency you work for, and your experience level. You’re likely to earn between $16–$34 per hour. The highest salary you can get is around $34.83 per hour, while the average is $22.57 per hour.

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