What Is A Enterprise Desktop Specialist?


The IT industry is booming. The world is always searching for capable IT professionals with specialist knowledge to assist businesses. We can expect a career in computers to remain a successful and lucrative career path for the foreseeable future.

If you’re thinking about finding a technology job, one role to consider is an enterprise desktop support specialist. It’s an exciting career opportunity that leaves you responsible for a number of tasks. With the desired set of skills, you can embark upon a growing and ever-changing career that feeds your passion for the digital world.

This post explains what it means to be an enterprise desktop specialist.

Enterprise Desktop Specialist Explained

An enterprise desktop specialist, or an enterprise desktop support technician, is a person who uses computer smarts to manage, maintain, and monitor computer hardware and software systems. They fix and provide support for various problems, from network connectivity issues to hardware failure issues.

The working conditions of desktop support technicians differ but typically involve sitting at a desk and working with a computer. Many provide on-site and off-site services to clients. They might take calls and provide tech support over the phone or visit office locations where they help install and maintain systems in person.

Desktop specialists often work as part of a team of technicians and may provide support to management.

Duties of an Enterprise Desktop Specialist

Many desktop application issues can cause havoc for companies, organizations, and people at home. From slow internet to malicious software, tackling these time-consuming matters without the relevant knowledge is a chore. Fortunately, we have desktop specialists to help.

As a professional enterprise desktop specialist, day-to-day tasks can vary. On the whole, your responsibility is to assist with managing and monitoring hardware and software systems, providing solutions to resolve a diverse range of problems that arise.

A typical day in the office may include a combination of the following activities:

  • Diagnose and resolve networking issues, including network connectivity issues, wireless connectivity issues, remote access issues, and network printer issues
  • Diagnose and resolve new software installation issues, software update issues, and software configuration issues, and deal with software failure
  • Handle firewall issues, encryption issues, and general security issues
  • Implement new hardware and software solutions to resolve performance issues
  • Communicate with clients in person, online, or via phone calls to discuss complications and provide troubleshooting
  • Respond quickly to clients and help to identify problems with their computer systems, as well as provide support to mobile users
  • Maintain client records and document procedures
  • Assess user needs and determine how to improve user experience

Education and Qualifications to Become An Enterprise Desktop Specialist

You need a certain training level to secure work as an enterprise desktop support technician. Private career colleges like Citi College deliver training that ensures students find success in the business. The right course allows you to get comfortable with the trade until you’re capable of working independently and alongside other technical support workers.

Certifications are favourable to many employers. For example, the CompTIA A+ is a recognized qualification that covers PC hardware and peripherals, mobile device hardware, software troubleshooting, networking and troubleshooting hardware, and operational procedures.

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