What Exactly Is a Diploma Program?


What Exactly Is a Diploma Program?

Over 1 million people attended post-secondary education in Canada in 2019, this includes universities, private colleges, and even community colleges.

A diploma program is a shortened course of study that is often designed to prepare a student for a career in a certain field.

There are many different fields that offer diploma programs, and there are many different reasons to pursue such a program. It all depends on a student’s specific situation and what their plans are for the future.

We’ll talk more about the specifics of diploma programs and when to pursue one in this article.

Diploma Programs vs. Other Education Plans

When attending school in Ontario, you have several options for education plans including diploma programs, certificate programs, and degree programs.

What is the difference between these options? The biggest difference is that diploma programs often take longer than certificate programs, but not as lengthy as a degree program, which adds a bit of flexibility to your education plan.

Certificate programs don’t often last more than a year, while diploma programs usually take two years, but can be even longer for certain programs. Meanwhile, degree programs are often four years.

The big downside of certificate programs is that they limit how much you can learn since most focus on one specific job or field. While diploma programs are also focused on a specific field, they are more encompassing and transferable. Degree programs are the most generalized, but they’re also the longest and most expensive.

1. Cost

In most cases, the cost of pursuing a diploma program is much lower than that of pursuing a degree.

Canada is also renowned for its education system, and diploma programs are one of the many things that make Canada’s colleges stand out.

It’s not just the cost of school that may come into play here. Those studying abroad will also have to consider the costs of living in Canada, at least if they don’t live on campus, and it’s significantly cheaper to live in Canada than in the US.

2. Are You Looking to Complete a Diploma Program?

While diploma programs are both practical and affordable, you can’t earn a diploma in every field.

The good news is that diploma programs tend to be in some very promising fields. For instance, Citi College offers diploma programs in medicine, engineering, information technology, and business.

Many of these fields are flourishing at the moment and the average starting pay can be quite high. The salaries for jobs in engineering, information technology, healthcare, and business can be around $65,000 CA per year and will likely increase over time.

What is a Diploma Program, and is it Right for You?

A diploma program is a type of accelerated education that allows you to learn skills that are vital to a certain job or industry over the course of a few years.

We’ve discussed the advantages of diploma programs and where to get them in this article. However, determining whether a diploma program is the best option for you depends on your personality and circumstances.

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