Describing the Day of a Life of a Medical Office Assistant


Like any role in the medical sector, a medical office assistant is a vital job. Medical office assistants serve as the connection between patients, nurses, doctors, and other health care professionals. They are responsible for a range of administrative duties that keep the office environment running efficiently, ensuring a great experience for all involved.

A typical day is never ordinary. Whatever the business, healthcare settings would struggle without the valuable support of a capable assistant.

If you’re passionate about the medical field, organized and thrive in a fast-paced environment, this could be the career for you. In this post, we describe the day in the life of somebody in this unique role.

What Is a Medical Office Assistant?

A medical office assistant is responsible for managing the clerical tasks in a medical office. They help run the front and back of the office, providing support to physicians and other medical professionals to ensure quality patient care.

The work environment of office assistants differs between facilities. Tasks vary depending on job location, which can be clinics, hospitals, private practices, and other health centres.

Day-to-Day Responsibilities of a Medical Office Assistant

The job description includes a wide range of administrative tasks that allow you to participate in various support services. It’s also a social role that requires direct communication and interaction with people. A typical day in the office looks something like this:

  • Greeting patients
  • Collecting patients’ personal information
  • Updating patient records
  • Scheduling medical appointments
  • Answering phone calls and responding to emails
  • Managing communications between doctors and patients
  • Billing and validating payment methods
  • Transcribing medical documentation

Key Skills

Medical office assistants require some essential skills to succeed in this career path. You can learn many skills from a college program or specialist courses, while other skills could be apart of your personal attributes. If you’re interested in a position in this field, consider the following checklist for the necessary skills you need.

  • You possess a sound understanding of medical terminologies, such as those relating to diseases, disorders, and body systems
  • You’re computer savvy, with strong information technology skills to handle medical software
  • You possess strong organizational skills
  • You work well in a team environment
  • You have empathy for people and a commitment to delivering quality care
  • You possess excellent written and verbal communication skills

Training and Career Opportunities

As well as the skills listed above, holding the Medical Office Assistant Diploma is highly advantageous. Enrolling in a private career college program will give you the education and resources to enter the field confidently. Private career colleges offer courses that focus on mastering your practical and technical skills. Students are taught everything they need to know about working in a medical office. With hands-on experience and a certificate, graduates are sure to impress future employers.

Many graduates from private career colleges find diverse career opportunities. As well as finding work as medical office assistants, many people go into secretary and receptionist positions within the healthcare industry that require a similar skill set.

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