Why Students Start Career As a Community Worker? Read Here…


Community services course means professional and personal growth for those who work in this field. Working in community services means you can make a profound impact on vulnerable people on welfare. Every day, you work to improve the quality of life of people in the community and your actions incredibly help those who are struggling to build better lives and want to give a brighter future.

Here you will read how a career in community services are different from others.

A Variety Of Jobs With One Qualification

Students who are a part of community services course can have a wide selection of areas to work. Some client areas in the community services sector are:

  • Aged Care
  • Asylum Seeker & Refugee Services
  • Child Protection
  • Disability Services
  • Emergency Relief
  • Family Services
  • Housing & Community Development
  • Indigenous & Multicultural Support
  • Mental Health & Counseling
  • Schools
  • Youth Justice

Watch People Grow

With your help, support, advocacy and advice, your clients grow. Being a community worker, when you serve people, they feel satisfaction in getting a positive result.

Grab More Opportunities

There are more than 50 different job roles that you can join when you are planning to change the structure and build a career in another field. Some job roles are as given below:

  • Advocate
  • Case Worker
  • Case Management Supervisor
  • Community Services Manager
  • Program Coordinator
  • Support Caseworker
  • Team Leader/ Manager
  • Counselor
  • Child Protection Officer
  • Welfare Worker
  • Halfway House Supervisor
  • Women’s Centre Program Supervisor
  • Many More…..

Job Security

With an ageing population, the community welfare workers are assured stream of work for today, and in future, so you need not worry about the job security.

Needed Nationwide

Work in big and small all cities, community services worker work nationwide from regional towns to rural and remote locations. The bonus point is people will have too many options to live and work.

So, are you interested in a community services career? If yes, reach us at Citi College of Canadian Careers and get enrolled in a diploma in community service worker with the internship.