Welcome to Citi College


At Citi College, we are determined to prepare students for the real world. With our very marketable hands-on learning approach in class, students are able to meet the required skills and qualifications in order to achieve careers in the fields of Business, IT and Healthcare. On top of receiving a well-deserved transcript and updated credentials our Career Resource Center, assists students to prepare for the job search process from start to finish.

Here is a look at some of the services and counselling Citi College offers:

  • Resume building
  • Writing a winning Cover Letter
  • Building on your interview and interpersonal skills
  • Up-to-date Labour Market research
  • Continuous Job Postings
  • “How to Network” classes
  • “How to find the right Placement for you” classes

We Benefit Employers Too…

We encourage employers to consider Citi College’s willing students who not only receive desirable technical training, but who also, through our Career Services, gain the confidence to ace their prospective interviews with you!