Selecting a Business Course


Out of all college degrees awarded, about 20% are business degrees which implies the business is one of the popular majors. However, students find it daunting to select a specific business major owing to the option to consider many fields.

Here is a brief description of the most common business major that one must choose considering their career interests, strengths, and other factors.

Business Major Overview

A lot of students are aiming to get business degrees. So to stand out from the crowd, one needs to carefully choose the specialization in a specific type of business major. It is a big decision to make in education, but it gives you more direction and helps your resume to stand out from others.

Every university offers several types of business degrees and specialties. Here are some details of the most common business majors to help you make a choice based upon your strengths and interests.


This is the best business majors as it equips students with specific skills needed to oversee a company’s finance. Most companies demand new graduates with a bachelor’s degree majoring in accounting. This is a good fit for a student who likes mathematics, taxation, and auditing. One can also become a certified public accountant or CPA.

International Business

In today’s economy, a bachelor’s degree specializing in international business is a flair for students aiming to work with overseas corporations. In this business course, students study about global economics, supply chain management, international trade, strategic management, and international law.


Finance jobs pay quite well. Candidate willing to do a business degree with a minor in finance can work in almost any company, but a bank, investment firm, or brokerage will typically benefit them. Finance major gives them a solid overview of investment management, corporate finance, accounting, and business strategy. People, who select this course, become an investment banker, CFO, or stockbroker.


A major in management guides candidates on how to use resources effectively to achieve goals in various types of organizations within a specified time. This coursework strategically makes them learn the operations required to bring together financial, material, human, and information resources. A graduate with a management major has a good understanding of the general business management world, which is required to manage companies’ operations.

These are some of the business majors types one can choose from, hopefully, it will guide in making an informed decision about your future business career. Citicollege offers various business courses to elevate your career.