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What Is Financial Aid & How It Helps?

When you need help affording an education, then financial aid can be the ideal option for you. Millions of students look for financial aid to complete their study or vocational training. It is the best solution that some colleges or institutes offer to help the students. Here is complete information about financial aid.

What Is Financial Aid?

Financial aid is an ultimate source to help students and their families for covering higher education expenses. There are several kinds of financial aid, and different type of educational institutes offer a distinct variety of financial aid to the students. The amount of financial aid that a student receives depend on the respective institutional guidelines.

Type Of Financial Aid We Offer

  • Ontario Student Assistance Program
  • Lifelong Learning Plan
  • Out Of Province Students Loans
  • Payment Plan
  • Registered Education Saving Plan (RESP)
  • Second Career
  • Student Line Of Credit
  • Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB)

How Can I Apply For Financial Aid?

If you are going to take admission at Citi College of Canadian Careers, contact the professional financial aid officer. Make sure to discuss the program you qualify for and fill out the request form after going through the details.

Citi College is registered as a private career college under the private career collages Act, 2005 with the Ministry of Advanced Education and skills development since 1991. We offer programs related to business, information technology, healthcare and engineering. To apply for programs or financial aid, feel free to contact our team members.


Common Study Mistakes Students Often Make In College

The first year in college can be exciting and full of new experiences. You meet new friends and explore new things. Among several wonderful things, there are some mistakes that students often make and these turn out to spoil your future.

However, most of the students don’t commit their mistakes, but it is a fact, and you should consider improving your mistakes.

College Students Common Study Mistakes

  • Skipping Too Many Classes
    To enjoy your day with your friends you often miss out your classes. Imagine if your professor introduces a new topic on that day. Missing out more than a certain number of classes can put you in trouble with your study.
  • Not Taking The Study Seriously
    Some students prefer to study on their own rather than taking help of educators. Students may feel shy to ask professors about the specific topic, but this can create problems during examination.
  • Poor Time-Management
    Students often have a bad habit of leaving their assignments incomplete. They feel pressure to make a balance in their study and other activities. So, you should improve your poor time management.
  • Over Confidence
    Some students feel they can complete any assignment with ease. Most students find learning before a day of the test is perfect for remembering all the things instantly, but it does not work at all.

These are the common study mistakes college students often make explained by professional educators at Citi College of Canadian Careers. It is advisable that students should improve their mistakes to establish a bright future. If you want to get admission in any of our programs related to Business, Information Technology, Healthcare and Engineering, feel free to contact our professionals today.


Study Hacks: Simple Techniques To Boost Your Study Habit

On talking about developing and improving study habits, there are some easy techniques to follow. Most of the students believe that studying by revisiting material exact before the day of the exam is a beneficial and straightforward trick. But, a successful study requires much more than that.

Ideally, one should give time to study at least every week instead of waiting until the big test or exam. Overall, whether you are in school or campus, here are some simple tips to improve your study habits.

  • Find A Good Spot to Study
    A place with little to no distractions will help in keeping you focused on your assignments. Whatever place you choose at your home, institute or in public, make sure that should be away from distractions, be it is a coffee shop, apartment, public park or any other.
  • No Willpower, Take Break
    When there is no willpower, whatever you will read may not be effective. Take a short break to give rest to your mind. Giving little time with full concentration will be useful than reading again and again without any interest. But don’t take a long break.
  • Stay Healthy
    Refuel your body by taking proper nutrients so that you can be active. You should include healthy food in your diet like blueberries, walnuts, broccoli, yogurt, fatty fishes, avocados and more. These superfoods will power up your brain and help in better concentration.
  • Leave Time For The Last Minute Review
    If you have well-organized notes, this is the time when these notes come into play. Remember to leave time for the last minute review and don’t take these notes to study thoroughly as these are for your eyes to go through once again.

Other common things to keep in mind are, don’t keep your phone to yourself so that no one can disturb you while you are studying, make a distance from social media accounts and listen to the music to stay stress-free.

These are simple tips explained by educators at Citi College Of Canadian Careers that specialize in providing job-ready diploma programs. Whether you want to know more or join diploma courses, feel free, reach us and discuss your needs.


Why Students Start Career As a Community Worker? Read Here…

Community services course means professional and personal growth for those who work in this field. Working in community services means you can make a profound impact on vulnerable people on welfare. Every day, you work to improve the quality of life of people in the community and your actions incredibly help those who are struggling to build better lives and want to give a brighter future.

Here you will read how a career in community services are different from others.

A Variety Of Jobs With One Qualification

Students who are a part of community services course can have a wide selection of areas to work. Some client areas in the community services sector are:

  • Aged Care
  • Asylum Seeker & Refugee Services
  • Child Protection
  • Disability Services
  • Emergency Relief
  • Family Services
  • Housing & Community Development
  • Indigenous & Multicultural Support
  • Mental Health & Counseling
  • Schools
  • Youth Justice

Watch People Grow

With your help, support, advocacy and advice, your clients grow. Being a community worker, when you serve people, they feel satisfaction in getting a positive result.

Grab More Opportunities

There are more than 50 different job roles that you can join when you are planning to change the structure and build a career in another field. Some job roles are as given below:

  • Advocate
  • Case Worker
  • Case Management Supervisor
  • Community Services Manager
  • Program Coordinator
  • Support Caseworker
  • Team Leader/ Manager
  • Counselor
  • Child Protection Officer
  • Welfare Worker
  • Halfway House Supervisor
  • Women’s Centre Program Supervisor
  • Many More…..

Job Security

With an ageing population, the community welfare workers are assured stream of work for today, and in future, so you need not worry about the job security.

Needed Nationwide

Work in big and small all cities, community services worker work nationwide from regional towns to rural and remote locations. The bonus point is people will have too many options to live and work.

So, are you interested in a community services career? If yes, reach us at Citi College of Canadian Careers and get enrolled in a diploma in community service worker with the internship.


4 Reasons To Have Microsoft Office Training Certification

Microsoft office includes the MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Word, MS Project, etc. The Microsoft office training certification is necessary to obtain a reputable job profile. Be it business analysis, marketing, coding or accounting, you must have adequate knowledge of MS programs.

MS Excel and MS word are mostly used for typing, formatting the texts, and creating tables using essential functions. Besides that, MS expertise and Microsoft excel specialist train you about the different formulas for fast and better performance in your workplace. Similarly, there are many benefits of having MS office certification, such as:

  • Improve Productivity
    Microsoft components are user-friendly and easy to access in creating files and build in the right way. MS office training makes you confident in using the different tools and improve productivity. Because Ms office is commonly used in the workplace and no one will give you time to figure out how to do. Everyone wants you to do your work immediately.
  • All Industries Requirement
    MS Office training is in the top skills expected by the employers. Microsoft knowledge makes you operate more efficiently which results in presenting more productive that is the requirement of most industries. For example, it allows you to enter the data, use advanced analytical tools and make an accurate report quickly.
  • Lowers The Risks
    The competitive marketplace requires only well-trained people who can accept the challenges lowering the risk of business loss. A perfect training will make you ready to complete your task before deadlines. You will have the ability to find the data quickly using the order numbers, filters, etc. Over the counter, it makes you perform outstandingly in under pressure jobs.
  • Better Career Prospects
    Microsoft Office certification from recognized industry will boost your resume as well as enhance your earning potential. When employers find you a certified, they will be more willing to hire you at higher pay level just because of your skill set.

MS Office training is worthwhile and beneficial for better career establishment. If you want to enroll yourself for Microsoft training classes to gain the first-hand experience, we are here for you. Citi College is registered as a private career college offering job-oriented courses to make your career in the profession you want.


Which Course Is Widely Opted By Students As Career Options?

E-business is the perfect profession for the people who have a futuristic approach towards the business.The big reasons for choosing e-business development as a career option is its fastest growth worldwide. This is why, more and more people are attracting towards the course and wanting to become a part of e-business. More advanced skills you learn more attractive salary and position you will grab in the business sector.

E-Business Development

Technically E-business is a discipline involving the business despite their range and nature that are performed online. It gives you training to the individuals about the dynamics of online businesses encompassing selling, buying, customer relations, manufacturing, production monitoring, etc. It refers that e-business understands everything that is involved from business establishment to its success, but the whole task is performed electronically.

Reasons To Choose E-Business

  • The best thing about the e-business, it is taken as one of the most progressive degrees in business line. Almost all businesses are growing online rather than a physical marketplace.
  • A student with e-business degree and skills can grab the positions of analysis, technical support, system analysts, consultant, framing and analyzing e-business strategies, designing sites, web master, etc.

A big thing about e-business development, there are so many job opportunities with a hike in income. It always includes the new aspects of growing business which make it more interesting.

Educational Programs For E-Business Development

E-business studies are offered in bachelor’s and master’s degree level. The educational programs help you to grow your abilities in business. From core value to the advanced technology, it includes everything that able the students to stand out in a competitive world. Mainly, the program concentrates on the use of technology and strategies that helps an e-business efforts run efficiently and successfully. The course include the technical skills which are essential for staying ahead in the e-business operations for an organization.

Getting a certificate in e-business development can help the students learn knowledge-based skills. If you have made up your mind to be a part of e-business course, visit the leading Citi College of Canadian Careers. You will get the special guidance to appear for INet+ certification.


Can I Establish My Career As A Paint Technologist?

Do you feel an attraction towards colors or paint? If yes, you may have a keen interest in exploring the colors. So, your interest in paint can lead you to establish your career in the paint industries and earn much more. It is all about paint technology that is a sub-branch of chemical technology. Paint technology is a process where metallic and non-metallic surfaces are treated chemically and then paint’s coating is applied for decoration and protection purpose. You have a natural love for colors and in order to become a paint technologist, you must have a keen interest in paint colors.

Paint And Coating Technology

When you become a part of paint technology course, you will learn about paint manufacturing, its usage, different types, architectural set-ups, etc. Students will read about the anti-corrosive and performance of paints different sectors. The study of paint also includes the understanding of the chemistry of function of every ingredient utilized in paint manufacturing like resin, polymers, pigments, etc.

A Career In Paint Technology

There are so many companies specialize in dealing for paint. The bigger companies and different departments in the paint industry always require the paint technologists. The well-talented professionals can grab the position of:

  • Research And Development Specialist
  • Production
  • Quality Assurance
  • Marketing
  • Technical Executive Or Assistance

Among all, research and development specialist is the well-reputed designation of paint technologist. The specialist has to evaluate and develop various technologies, formulate the paint for completing the requirements. The paint technologist is responsible to check and determine the efficiency of the production process. They also ensure the safety of paint to the environment as well.

Where To Join

Paint technologist is very responsible duty and for this, you will need to join only renowned career courses providers. Institutions, where you could get the certification, should be your preferable choice.

If you are looking to get admission for the paint and coating technology in Toronto, you can visit Citi College of Canadian Career. We host the series of paint and coating programs and provide a deep knowledge so that students can achieve their life goals easily.


5 Key Benefits of Enrolling in Computerized Accounting Course

There is no industry where accounting is not required. Even, the small firms require an accountant with up to date knowledge. This is why, applicants with computerized accounting course are always given preference when choosing this field as their career path.

As compared to the traditional accounting techniques, the computerized accounting enables one to work with accuracy and in an efficient way. If you are double-minded to choose accounting course as your career, you should read about the following benefits.

1. A Number Of Opportunities

Searching for the right job in such a competitive world is quite difficult. After getting proper training in computerized accounting, one will be able to serve as an accounting clerk, receptionist, payroll clerk and billing officer.

2. Practical Accounting Experience

Unlike courses,  The computerized accounting is a software-based course that will give the experience of the real world. The practical experience will give you ease in handling the competitive world financial issues.

3. International Skills

Accounting courses are related to business which spread and connect people worldwide. So, the skills learned through the software courses will be useful in making your business PAN presence.

4. Small Business Benefits:

A software accounting turns out to be beneficial with automation, security, speed, cost-effective, scalable, reliability and easy data access features. Thus, one person can easily handle the numerous tasks in minimum time without hiring an accounting specialist.

5. Financial Management

A skilled person with computerized accounting can better understand and manage with financial ups and downs in personal and professional life. At one point, after getting a vast experience, one will be able to grab the opportunities in filing federal, tax session and state taxes.

In the nutshell, if you are planning to be a part of the accounting world, you have to go through the computerized accounting course for better career establishment. Feel free to consult with Citi College for any information and to enroll yourself in a computerized accounting course.


5 Reasons To Choose A Career As A Chemical Engineer

With the increased demand for engineers, more than half youth is exciting to explore the world of science. In engineering, there are numerous fields and one can make a choice according to his skills and interest. If you are desiring to become a chemical engineer, then you must have the technical knowledge of various aspects of chemistry, science, information technology, economics, and environment. Even, one must have great interest in implementing scientific experiments and updated with the latest developments in computing.

If you want to start a career in engineering, then you must know the reasons to study as a chemical field:

1. High Standard Of Education

To succeed in chemical engineering, one needs to gain good grade as this course do not accept fewer marks. Once, you score good, you are proved as having the best quality of education as compared with other industry professionals.

2. Gain Practical Knowledge

A chemical engineering is a kind of field which requires practical knowledge and high technical skills. By choosing this engineering option, you can access quick hands-on degree by learning about industrial standard materials and machinery.

3. Multiple-Use Degree

Completing chemical engineering not only limit you to do a job as an engineer but you can also male a multiple-use of this degree. With this degree option, you can pursue a job in analytical chemistry or engineering in manufacturing or mining.

4. Enhance International Skills

With the help of chemical engineering, you can enhance the skills and knowledge which further can be applied in any country. This engineering choice gives an opportunity to learn the foreign language too.

5. Broad Job Opportunities

Chemical engineering opens the doors to many industries with numerous job options. For all the undergraduates, who are still confused in making choice of course, then he must go with the one which offers wide future job prospectus.

Chemical engineering is one of the most employable subjects in the today’s time. This degree option opens huge opportunities to work in any field of scientific management. At Citi College, we ensure our students get skills to succeed in the chemical process.


5 Questions That Will Take You Towards Right Career Path

Choosing the best career option is one of the most crucial aspects. One has to be fully attentive when making a decision on his career path as it is related to our lifestyle. Although, it’s quite challenging task as a candidate has to go with a deep search. Usually, most of us jump into the field without knowing the interest and result of which is frustration and poor outcomes. It’s important to determine the goals and pick the option that well-suits your skill set.

Below are the few questions that help you in choosing right career path:

1. What Is Your Interest Or Passion?

At the very first point, one has to inspect his interest related to the particular field. An applicant must choose the option which makes him feel happy or being perfect in solving the challenges. It’s essential to know yourself by comparing you with every aspect to gather the clear thought.

2. What Are Your Strong Skills?

If you want to gain success in your life, then it’s essential to have a skill set that helps you in facing the difficulties come under that stream. Before choosing any career option, one also need to develop all the skills that are required for the job. Make sure not to rush into a job which does not match the qualification.

3. What Are Your Long-Term Needs?

For an applicant, it’s necessary to know what is important in life like is it money, growth or work environment. If you want to make good career choice for long-term, then you must never prefer money as your first priority.

4. What Kind Of Lifestyle Do You Prefer?

Another important thing to notice is to determine whether your lifestyle is desirable to you or not. You always need to go for the career in which you can easily adjust yourself and feel free to work without any difficulty.

5. Is There Any Growth Opportunities?

Not all career offer good growth opportunities. You must select the option which gives frequent promotions and makes you learn and explore new things.

Hope! All the above questions are helpful in making the overwhelming process quite simple for you. Whatever your career choice, you can enroll yourself at Citi College for long-term success.

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