8 Proven Keys to Success at Job Fairs


8 Proven Keys to Success at Job Fairs

A visit to a career fair should be an integral part of every candidate’s job search strategy.  Not only will it help you network but also help in making positive impressions, and learn about the companies that you wish to work for. Here are 8 proven strategies to get closer to your dream job.

1: Do your homework beforehand. Many job fairs allow you to pre-register for the event, mostly online and some even allow you to submit your resume. A well-prepared visitor is always impressive to recruiters.

 2: Research participating companies. You can look up participating companies and research those you wish to interview with. Thus you can be well prepared to engage in conversation when you do visit their booths.

 3: Carry a portfolio with extra copies of your resume. Bring multiple copies of resumes to the fair as you may come across opportunities to leverage multiple interests or job objectives.

 4: Dress sharp. First impressions are critical. Think of the career fair as a mock interview and dress accordingly. Professional, business attire in neutral colors like black or gray are recommended. And never forget the three Es – Eye contact, Enthusiasm and Eagerness.

 5: Practice your elevator pitch.  On the big day, you may only have two to three minutes to market yourself brilliantly. To make the most of your time, develop a one-minute elevator pitch that highlights who you are, what your goals are, and what you have to offer.

 6: Network with everyone. Career fairs are all about building relationships.  Of course, you want to network with the recruiters but also remember to network with your fellow job-seekers in terms of job leads, sharing contacts, their strategies and helpful hints.

 7: Ensure no dead-ends in conversations. When wrapping up your conversations with each representative, show your interest and enthusiasm by asking about next steps; including submitting an online application, the recruiting process and future opportunities.

8: Follow-up with all key recruiters. It is important to follow-up with your job fair contacts. A simple way is to write a thank you note within 24 hours and thank the recruiter for his/her time, remind them where you met and restate your interest and qualifications.