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7 benefits of waking up early – A College Student’s Perspective

7 benefits of waking up early – A College Student’s Perspective The early bird gets the worm, and rightly so. While many of us like sleeping till late, research suggests that waking up early has greater benefits than you would’ve thought. Here are seven benefits of waking up early from a student’s perspective.
  1. Quiet time: Early hours of the morning are quiet so you can spend some time alone. You have time to yourself, to think and plan your day.
  2. Improves your quality of sleep: Research claims that waking up early offers more restorative sleep as it helps set your body’s ‘internal clock’, establishing a routine for your body.
  3. Better mental health: One of the most overlooked factors of waking up early is the impact it has on your mental health. Early risers don’t have to rush; they start with a calm mind.
  4. Enhances productivity: It’s simple: You wake up early; you get more time to work on the day’s events and chart out your plans.
  5. Healthier diet: Breakfast is undoubtedly the most important meal of the day, your body depends on those nutrients to help you focus throughout the day and keep you energised.
  6. Better grades: Studies reveal that students who identified themselves as ‘morning people’ earned a grade point higher on their GPAs than the ‘night owls’.
  7. Time to exercise: Morning exercise gives you energy and re-energises your body. It also helps you sleep better at night.
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