4 Entry Level Jobs to Start Your Career In IT Field


These days the hottest and the growing career field is Information Technology. If you once managed to enter IT industry, your future is sure to get brighter in the coming years. The essential requirement is IT certification program and enterprise desktop support course. If you haven’t studied a post graduation in computer, need not worry there are still many jobs in the computer field that can give you a damn strong start.

Some of the entry level jobs in the sector of information technology are:

1. IT Support Specialist

One of the best option is becoming IT support specialist. This person is responsible for setting up, installing, uninstalling and troubleshooting all the technology versions and software updates. They are also responsible for maintaining the performance of computer systems i.e. both hardware and softwares. To become IT support specialist, one needs a high school diploma and some information technology certification from a reputed career college in Mississauga.

2. Desktop Support Specialist

Desktop support technician, as the name suggest is a technician who works in a line with the desktop computers. Being a support expert, one needs to troubleshoot all the custom and remote issues along with managing the regular data backups. He’ll also be held responsible for any configuring, testing, networking and wireless issue. There is a need of bachelor’s degree or enterprise desktop support specialist course to start career in this job profile.

3. Help Desk Technician

A help desk technician is a wonderful job in which a person has to diagnose the underlying technical problems of client’s and colleagues. They are not asked to solve the issue, instead they just have to discover it by working on a system for hours. If any lag is found, the support specialist are informed about it. In order to become a help desk technician, one needs to have a study course in computer science or an information technology certification.

4. IT Support Analyst

IT support analysts are those individuals who are asked to improve the technical base of a computer system. If you think that you desktop is hanging frequently or your Linux is missing some commands, then IT support analyst is the person to call. He’ll analyze the situation and will draft certain actions that can help in mitigating the issue. To become IT support analyst, one need to hold at least a bachelor’s degree in IT or even business administration.

These are some of the entry level jobs that can boost your career in the field of information technology. If you are want to earn a degree in IT courses, enroll yourself at Citi College in Mississauga.