Study Hacks: Simple Techniques To Boost Your Study Habit


On talking about developing and improving study habits, there are some easy techniques to follow. Most of the students believe that studying by revisiting material exact before the day of the exam is a beneficial and straightforward trick. But, a successful study requires much more than that.

Ideally, one should give time to study at least every week instead of waiting until the big test or exam. Overall, whether you are in school or campus, here are some simple tips to improve your study habits.

  • Find A Good Spot to Study
    A place with little to no distractions will help in keeping you focused on your assignments. Whatever place you choose at your home, institute or in public, make sure that should be away from distractions, be it is a coffee shop, apartment, public park or any other.
  • No Willpower, Take Break
    When there is no willpower, whatever you will read may not be effective. Take a short break to give rest to your mind. Giving little time with full concentration will be useful than reading again and again without any interest. But don’t take a long break.
  • Stay Healthy
    Refuel your body by taking proper nutrients so that you can be active. You should include healthy food in your diet like blueberries, walnuts, broccoli, yogurt, fatty fishes, avocados and more. These superfoods will power up your brain and help in better concentration.
  • Leave Time For The Last Minute Review
    If you have well-organized notes, this is the time when these notes come into play. Remember to leave time for the last minute review and don’t take these notes to study thoroughly as these are for your eyes to go through once again.

Other common things to keep in mind are, don’t keep your phone to yourself so that no one can disturb you while you are studying, make a distance from social media accounts and listen to the music to stay stress-free.

These are simple tips explained by educators at Citi College Of Canadian Careers that specialize in providing job-ready diploma programs. Whether you want to know more or join diploma courses, feel free, reach us and discuss your needs.