Diploma in Paint & Coating Technology

Diploma in Paint & Coating Technology


TYPE: Diploma
RECOGNITION: Approved as a vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005
DURATION: 43 Weeks
TIME: Morning or Evening
TUITION FEE: Call Toronto 416.441.2900 | Mississauga 905.281.1414
FINANCIAL OPTIONS: Other financial options for tuition 
OFFERING CAMPUSES: Toronto or Mississauga
SPECIALITY: Certified Instructors with 20 years of experience
CURRICULUM: Download below

Do have a unique career interest? Did you ever feel an attachment will colors and contrast? Do you want to pursue your career in the painting technology? If yes, then Citi College introduces you with the Coating and Paint Technology Program which has diverse applications in the construction, automotive, wood, concrete, appliances, and airplane manufacturing industry.

Aim of Paint & Coating Technology Program

A coating or paint technician is one who is responsible for applying different coatings of paint after cleaning and preparing the surface for product application. He must be aware of the expert paint techniques and also about the quality control tests, paint ingredients, coating system, surface preparation, and coating application methods.

Our Courses

Coating Technology

This course covers the coating fundamentals, its importance, production along with the types of coatings and the ingredients used in coatings, such as pigments, solvents, additives etc.

Paint Chemistry & Physics

This course covers the detailed aspect of the chemistry of various coatings and paints with coating physics such as film formation, dispersion, adhesion, mechanical properties of paint etc.

Coating Application & Surface Preparation

This course covers the details about the tools and equipment needed to apply a coating application along with the methods that are used to prepare the surface where the paint is applied.

Coating Quality Tests

This course covers all the paint and coating quality tests that are applied to test the paint quality during the initial phases of production, after production, during application & after application.

Coating Defects & Inspection

This course covers the analysis phase of coating failures and coating inspection to identify defects. Also covered are the coating failures, their cause, remedies, solution, and their interpretation.

Powder Coatings

This course consists of the fundamentals about the powder coatings, chemistry behind the powder coatings, importance of powder coatings, powder coating production, and its application.

Automotive Coatings

This course covers the automotive coating technology which includes the chemistry, application, and properties of various layers comprising the automotive coatings such as primer, topcoat.

Paint Formulation

This course contains the basics about the way a paint is formed and manipulated according to the different layers of coatings applied.


This course covers fundamentals, types, and importance of corrosion along with the identification methods and ways to control it.

HSE & Management

This course covers the methods that ensure safety, protection, and health in paint & coating industries and introduces the management policies.

At Citi College Of Canadian Career, we host the series of the above mentioned paint and coating programs with the help of a talented and knowledgeable staff. We believe that creativity & knowledge is must when it comes to learning. With us, our students can gain an invincible winning edge that confronts them to compete with their competitors.