Easy 5 Step Process to start

1. Connect with us

Contact an admissions counselor to set up an appointment. It is important to set some time aside to visit one of our admissions counselors who will present the career information and answer all the questions you might have.

2. Confidential interview

Once a meeting has been scheduled, we will need to determine both academic and career goals. We also need to determine if you have the right attitude to be successful as a student at Citi College. A short assessment may be required to help us determine your eligibility. We will then help you choose the best suitable program and class schedule to meet your career goals and personal needs.

3. Tour

Once a program has been chosen, a quick tour of our campus will be given to help you understand the facilities, our graduate success and employers that hire our graduates.

4. Financial Aid Assessment

Once we determine your qualifications for the program you have chosen, and have answered all your questions, we then schedule a financial aid appointment which will determine your eligibility with one of our many different financial aid options.

5. Enrollment

After you are comfortable with the financial plan you have put in place to attain your career goals, we then will enroll you into that program and will look forward in seeing you start training for your new career!

Contact us today so that we can begin helping you!